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This is Aliya Ikhumen's food and drink photography portfolio. She specializes in food content for restaurants and editorials, lifestyle photography, and product photography for food and beverage brands. She is based in Chicago

Aliya Ikhumen is a commercial food photographer in Chicago. She specializes in vibrant photography with contrast and bold colors. She has experience producing brand photography for commercial clients. She loves shooting beverage photography and taking pictures of products. Aliya Ikhumen is a black female photographer in Chicago that specializes in elevating people of color. She would love to make cookbook photography and drink photography. Aliya is black food photographer in the Chicagoland area. She has shot editorials for Eater and the New York Times and plans to continue to also shoot in the Midwest. Aliya is a commercial photographer that also makes stop motions in the midwest. This is the page to find her portfolio and work local to Chicago. She is open to traveling worldwide. Her work is commercial food photography.

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